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Kayak Tours


Family Kayaking Tours
All Year

If you are visiting Rotorua and wanting to see the lakes from a unique perspective and have a great time with your family and young children. Then explore our family kayak tours tailored for young families. We have some amazing options including evening glow worm tours, day time geothermal tours and daytime twin creek tours designed especially for families with young children.

Geothermal Kayak Tour
All year

Simply one of our best and hot selling Kayak tours and a great activity to enjoy all year round in Rotorua. Enjoy a relaxing or energetic kayak along the lake shoreline as you are guided safely past natural hot water vents that appear from the depths on your way to an amazing hot water beach. Soak in the spa like temperatures of the waters and relax till your hearts content before paddling your way home. This is a true spa bathing experience in Rotorua; all natural with no man-made structures or masses of other bathers.


Geothermal Hot Water Beach Kayaking

Discover a truly unique and authentic geothermal tour in Rotorua. Paddle your way along the lake shoreline as part of a small group tour as you are guided past hot water vents in the lake on your way to an amazing hot water beach. Ones at the natural spa relax and unwind in the authentic natural surroundings without mass tourists, man made structures, or noisy streets. This tour is one of the only truly natural and untouched spa activities in Rotorua. Tours depart daily at 10am and 4pm all year round. There is also the option for an overnight adventure for this activity


Our Story

Nev Wilson has been paddling rivers since he was 15 years old. In 2017 he teamed up with Matt Barnard a Rotorua local guide and expert surfer and musician to form Paddle Board Rotorua. Kayak Rotorua was a natural progression for the two business partner mates passionate about delivering amazing tour experiences for their customers. Nev has spent time kayaking all over New Zealand. In his younger days he kayaked some of the most challenging rivers on the West Coast of the south island. He also explored the unique and rare Kauri tree lined rivers of the Waipoua Forest in northern New Zealand near his home town of Whangarei. His findings were published in the guide book titled “New Zealand White Water 5 -180 Great Kayaking Runs” by Graham Charles.


Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is another unique way and relaxing way to explore the beautiful lakes of the Rotorua region. Check out our Paddle Board Rotorua website for simply amazing paddle boarding experiences in the Rotorua Lakes District.

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Discover a unique and magical kayaking experience in the evening hours in Rotorua. The Glow Worm Kayaking tour is an absolute must do in Rotorua New Zealand. The tour was designed and operated by Nev Wilson and Matt Barnard, both two passionate Rotorua local watermen who discovered a secret cave during Paddle Board exploration. The kayak tour is suitable for children 4 years and over and is an incredible small group experience for both families and people of all skill levels and fitness. Tours depart at 7:30pm during summer. 7pm during March, September, October and November and 5pm in winter.

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Reserve Your Adventure

Contact us today to book your unique small group kayak tour in Rotorua New Zealand. We love showing people our backyard and have an expert team of kayakers who are awesome people and both friendly and professional to keep you safe on the lakes.