Tailored Family Kayak Tours

We love taking family kayak tours. Due to the unique nature and abilities of different families we tailor a special kayak tour to each individual family. We call these tours our Family Kayak Tours. No tour is the same however the pricing and the timing of the tours are on a constant price and time schedule.


Experience Nature

All our family kayak tours take you into the natural lake environs where you will see interesting birdlife, unique flora and fauna and in some cases geothermal activity and amazing glow worms.


Family Friendly Locations

Our family tours operate in family friendly locations, we aim to give our families unique and natural experiences in safe and easily accessible locations. This helps all our families have the best experience possible as we know what its like to have more than one kid on an adventure when things turn to custard (or when one child “just wants to go home”).


Enjoy the Lakes

Enjoying the Rotorua lakes safely by kayak is what our family tours are all about.



$169 per adult $99 per child

Book a family kayak tour with us today and enjoy the Rotorua Lakes to their full potential by getting out on the water and having a safe adventure with our friendly and professional guides.